The BIMCO ‘Step-by-Step Ship Energy Efficiency Plan’ allows owners and operators to create ship-specific SEEMPs with ease.

The folder acts as the ship’s official SEEMP with an accompanying CD containing the templates and documents necessary to make it specific to the vessel.

Although as of January 2013 all ships are required to carry a SEEMP, the SEEMP regulation is not onerous one.

About the Step-by-Step SEEMP View Sample


>> One Step-by-Step SEEMP should be used for each ship. Email multiple orders to

>> Each manual contains the full guidance and background documents. An accompanying CD contains the templates and documents necessary to produce the ship specific documents.

It is important to understand that large investments are not necessary for an effective SEEMP that delivers returns. Potential measures are divided in to two categories for inclusion.

>> Quick Wins are measures that require no or only modest upfront investment and are recommended for first-generation SEEMPs.

>> Further Investments are also mentioned that involve greater capital (monetary) expenditure or assessment of suitability and are recommended for possible inclusion later iterations of SEEMP.

This publication balances straightforward compliance with the potential to reap the energy efficiency of an implemented SEEMP.

REMEMBER: Just a simple SEEMP followed properly will give benefits.


Make SEEMPs simple and see the returns.

Cost: £100 (one Step-byStep SEEMP should be used for each vessel)

Only £70 for BIMCO Members. Email to claim discount.

DIscounts available for multiple orders